Understanding the different types of online slot jackpots


When playing online slots, the biggest draw is the chance to hit a massive jackpot. But not all slot jackpots are created equal. There are several different types, each with unique features and payout potential.

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots, also known as non-progressive jackpots, are the simplest type. As the name suggests, these jackpots have an established, predetermined value that doesn’t change regardless of how many people play the slot or how much they bet. Fixed jackpots vary widely, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. They’re typically smaller than progressive jackpots but easier to hit. If a slot advertises a $1,000 jackpot, that’s exactly what you’ll win if you hit the right combination.

Progressive jackpots

Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots grow over time, with a small percentage of each slot bet contributing to the jackpot pool. At this point, it resets to a predetermined base value and starts increasing again. Because progressive jackpots are fueled by bets from multiple players across multiple casinos, they grow incredibly large. It’s not uncommon to see progressive jackpots in the millions of dollars. The odds of hitting one are also very low, but the potential payout is what makes them so exciting.

There are several types of progressive jackpot.

  1. Standalone progressives

Single-slot progressive jackpots are specific to one slot machine. This jackpot can only be won on that particular game and is fueled by bets placed on it. Because they’re not linked to other machines, standalone progressive jackpots are smaller, but they also hit more frequently.

  1. Local progressives

Local progressive jackpots are linked across slot machines within a single casino. The jackpot pool is fueled by play on all linked machines. Local progressives are usually larger than standalone progressives, as they have more players contributing, but they’re still confined to a single casino site. Online casinos often have progressive slots exclusive to their site.

  1. Network or wide area progressives

Network progressives are the biggest of the bunch. These jackpots are linked across a network of slot machines at multiple casinos. Every bet on a linked machine, regardless of which casino it’s at, contributes to the jackpot. Because network progressives have the most players contributing, they also have the largest jackpot values. Many headline-making, multi-million dollar online slot jackpots are network progressives.

Must-drop jackpots

A new type of jackpot that’s gaining popularity is the must-drop or must-win jackpot. These are progressive jackpots with a twist – instead of increasing until someone hits the right combination, they have a set time or value limit at which the jackpot must be won. For example, a must-drop jackpot might be programmed to hit a certain time each day or once it reaches a certain value threshold. This adds an extra element of anticipation, as players know the jackpot must be won within a defined window. Must-drop jackpots vary, but they often have enticing names. If you’re ready to try your luck, we recommend checking out the jackpot slots selection at the online casinos recommended on our website here.

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